junkie filth is hot hot hot

notice how the subtle colour balance slightly alleviates how trashed I look comparative to how trashed I actually am.
and note the added color to the skin just to remove that death-warmed-up look.
yep, the added contrast also gives me that movie-star glamour that sets me right up there with the likes of Courtney Love and Robert Downey Junior.


[hot junkie filth]
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how to delete others' posts if they're crap and just about upcoming shows most of us in australia have no intention of travelling so far to see:

click 'comment on this'
click the 'edit entry' button up the top
click 'delete entry and mark as spam' )or just 'delete entry', whatever:P)

and you're done!!

***MOD POST*** **stamped and shit, tehehe**

omGz guys. today i plucked my eyebrows and *seriously* i am gunna dump my BF tomoz bcoz get dis: i azzked him how dey looked, n he sed dey were all kewl n shizzy, buT LOOK!! wtfZ, dey liek, UNEVEN n shit. i mean he IS parshelly bLiNd but OMGZ.. dat iz NO excuze!!!!!

OOPZIEZZZ!!!! teehee LOL!!!! omgz how *embarezzing!!!!!* rOfL!!

omgz so like now i *totally* have to do dem again, n like, i had plans tomoz! i was like fully gunna go tanning at da SUNLOUNGE!!! bLaaHHHH. ne-1 wanna have a sleepova or sumthink?!?!?! cos like... i totally can't rely on my man to help me again!! he fuckt it up, hez *soo* gonna cop it tomoz. (i hafto go bak to hizz place and smoke sum 'o doze conez n shizzle!)

dis'LL teach me to use my wEbCaM as a mirror!!#$%^!@ :~o(

yo, hit me up bitchez n hOz! peace out *LOL*
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Yo my hOmEYs n Ho'S, I just be hanGin OUt WiD MY fRienDz ListenIn To Da Nu SimPle PlaN AlBum Da UvA DaI WhEn ONE oF mE pEePs WoZ All " CArlY, Dat BlIng Is So pAssE IT Be All AboUt Da $$ n ShiZzlE' sO OF COurse I WAS AlL ' FINK NOT H8'er!!! ' N BUStEd DEMs LipS OpEn Wid LIkE My HanD BliNg N ShiT.

hERe Is ME AnD dA SeXy BlIng FUBU ( i aM sExY toO tHO!!)

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shoutoTz el!! u IS aLwaYS sTOOD bUY mE wHEN dA h8eRS hAVE h8TED, RESPEC SISTA!!! <$$ <$$
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update madness !$#@%^!%$&@

tonight i talked to disco_cunt on msn
we gossiped and chatted and shared the usual excited snippets of info from our thrilling lives..

the excitement just doesn't stop!
i'd write all about it here, but i really don't have the time.
things to see, people to do!

*fans her face*

anyway, this is me:

avid readers of my info page may have seen this one already!

my boyfriend is almost as hot as me.

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chris on his computer. look close and see my handbag on the desk! :O

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and me with my bedroom eyes on chris's bed :O:O:O

ooh la la