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***MOD POST*** **stamped and shit, tehehe**

omGz guys. today i plucked my eyebrows and *seriously* i am gunna dump my BF tomoz bcoz get dis: i azzked him how dey looked, n he sed dey were all kewl n shizzy, buT LOOK!! wtfZ, dey liek, UNEVEN n shit. i mean he IS parshelly bLiNd but OMGZ.. dat iz NO excuze!!!!!

OOPZIEZZZ!!!! teehee LOL!!!! omgz how *embarezzing!!!!!* rOfL!!

omgz so like now i *totally* have to do dem again, n like, i had plans tomoz! i was like fully gunna go tanning at da SUNLOUNGE!!! bLaaHHHH. ne-1 wanna have a sleepova or sumthink?!?!?! cos like... i totally can't rely on my man to help me again!! he fuckt it up, hez *soo* gonna cop it tomoz. (i hafto go bak to hizz place and smoke sum 'o doze conez n shizzle!)

dis'LL teach me to use my wEbCaM as a mirror!!#$%^!@ :~o(

yo, hit me up bitchez n hOz! peace out *LOL*
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