eloise (basschick) wrote in omginyourdreams,

^%^%^Mod posT^%^%^

So like WhAsSuP?

i was TalkiNG to My BUdDeeeZ eArliEr toDay and theY wEre aLL Like 'OMG giRl, you'Ve chAnged' and I'm likE No WAy sisTaz, it'S not my Fault I'm The SHIZniT f0 SHIzzle!

the Shizzle DIzzle genu1n3 articLE.. DA B0MB@@%@!

c'mon hottiez, let's hot it up!!

You want some of this?
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awwwwwwww man, when u r as sExy As uS you have 2 learn to JuSt IgnOre all the H8ers. fucking h8ers.